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Bringing Back the Balance

Since the TUMG program began in 1926, we have had countless stellar gymnasts on national teams and win both conference and NCAA titles. Over the years, Temple gymnasts would take part in clinics and gym camps to help provide a service as well as fundraise. As new gymnasts entered the TUMG team, a few gymnasts would graduate and enter the coaching world each year. Temple Gymnastics has always had a strong presence in the community. Many of the successful junior programs in Region 7 stem from the Temple Gymnastics family tree. There seems to be no shortage of gymnastics clubs needing coaches to help build their teams. With fewer high-level men's collegiate programs, there will be fewer co

An Inside Look

Four years ago, Temple Men’s Gymnastics was told it would no longer be varsity status. The numbers dwindled, the athletes moved, and the program was in its last days, or so it would seem. As the '18-'19 year began the team doubled in size, and the team spirit increased dramatically. We have guys practicing Monday through Friday, with purpose and momentum in the right direction. This is all starkly different than what should have happened by the year 2018, as foretold by many. By being a part of the 1% of programs that are still functioning after being cut, the gymnasts understand the pressure that is on them, and still handle their responsibilities with aplomb. Without the luxuries of

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