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A New Start

As we gradually find our way in this new era of collegiate men's gymnastics, there is a lot to reflect on and a lot to be excited about. Nearly 50 different classes of gymnasts have comprised the Temple University Men's Gymnastics team under coach Fred Turoff. We can proudly say we experienced his coaching and guidance first-hand. Many of you know, men's gymnastics was separated from the TU athletic department in 2014. So what are we going to do about it?...................................................... We will adapt, reformat and find the way to prevail. Thanks to Fred and many of the alumni from our TUMG family because we are here to stay and succeed. As we head into this new star

Doctor Attributes Many of his Successes to TUMG

When I recently saw that my underclassman, Taylor Brana, graduated from medical school, he was ecstatic, jubilant and quick to mention how important being a member of the Temple University Men's Gymnastics team was for his current successes. What a monumental occasion and perfect time for reflection! So what does being a part of a men's collegiate gymnastics team have to do with graduating medical school? Let's find out. Here are Dr. Taylor Brana's thoughts and reflections: "When I think of my path to becoming a doctor and withstanding the difficulties of medical school, one of the major positive influences is Temple University Mens Gymnastics (TUMG). For me TUMG meant a great deal. I

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