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Video created by: Huy Dinh @huuyyy @hdeditsofficial

Stick It Pledge Campaign 2019


The Temple Men's Gymnastics team is working for your support this competition season and is asking you to join us for the second annual Temple Stick It Pledge Campaign to support this year's team.

We are challenging you to pledge any amount.  Our team's goal: for each stick to collectively to earn $200.  Last year we had 25 sticks as a team.   

How can YOU help?

We’re asking fans, family, and friends to make a donation by pledging any dollar amount per stuck landing that team members make during this competition season.  You can make a pledge per stick or a one-time flat donation.  Proceeds will benefit the Temple Men's Gymnastics team members and allow the program to continue to empower life-changing experiences.


    • $5 per stick can provide the van rental and gas for our team at a local meet

    • $10 per stick could cover the team's meals for an away competition (2 days)

    • $25 per stick could cover the team's accommodation for 4 away meets

    • $50 per stick can provide the rental fee for a home meet as well as a portion of our recruiting expenses to continue growing our team


Together we can ensure that TUMG "Sticks" around for another 93+ years!​

Please fill out this form below.  We will notify you of the total number of sticks at the end of the season.

Or you can make a one time donation here: 

*When the season concludes, please make checks payable to Temple University Men's Gymnastics and mail to

Pearson and McGonigle Halls, Suite 303 1800 N. Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19122