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Building Collegiate Gymnastics on the East

West Point, NY- The inaugural Junior Development National Championships took place this past weekend at the Lou Gross Center (the training gym for the U.S. Military Academy). I, along with my fellow colleagues of collegiate gymnastics spent the day to encourage these kids to continue on in college and that there are many options for them to continue their careers. Dave Albranes and Garison Clark were there to represent the NY Alliance, and I was there to represent Temple University. We all have a passion for men's collegiate gymnastics and we want to see this sport to continue to grow. Dave, Garison, and I were impressed with the level of skills and we saw much potential for the future.

Colorado Rocks!

Colorado Springs, CO- High caliber gymnastics, hiking, sightseeing, and team dinners. Here's the recap of our recent trip out west: We took a 4 hour flight from Philadelphia to Denver. As soon as we got off the plane, we picked up our rental car and drove straight to the Garden of the Gods (pictured above and below). This was the perfect place to get our bodies moving after the long morning of travel. The Garden of the Gods was once an inland sea, a field of sand dunes, home to the dinosaurs to roam, and a campsite for Native Americans. People have been visiting this sight for thousands of years, and last week it was our turn. We went on an invigorating hike and drive throughout the pa

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