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Temple University

We are at an important moment in the life-cycle of the sport of Men's gymnastics.  For decades, collegiate teams have disappeared from athletic departments across the nation, losing a war of attrition against other, more lucrative sports. Together with many supporters, Temple University Men's Gymnastics is shifting this trend and playing a vital role in the rebirth of Men's gymnastics.  

The Temple University Men's Gymnastics team  is part of the newly formed Gymnastics Association of College Teams (GymACT).  The head coaches from Arizona State, Washington, NY Alliance, NorCal, SoCal, and Temple are paving the way to offer more opportunities for high school gymnasts to continue in college at a high level.  

Man Balancing on Gymnastics Rings






All students enter Temple University as individuals, and those fortunate enough to be a member of Temple University Men's Gymnastics undergo a pivotal transformation.  The young men that walk through the doors of Gym 143 in Pearson Hall are forever changed, and the same can be said about the program.  Our team members succeed because they are encouraged and taught how to function as a unit to achieve their highest goals, build strong relationships, perform the actions necessary to excel at everything they do, and develop as leaders and men of character.  As new members are welcomed and graduates move forward to new challenges, the Temple University Men's Gymnastics legacy strengthens.  It has been built on a historical foundation and continues to grow each new day.  The core values of TUMG have been embodied by our team members since our formation in 1926.  We are proud to have alumni living and working all over the world, continuing the positive ripple effect that our program promotes and creates.

Core Values
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