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Colorado Rocks!

Colorado Springs, CO- High caliber gymnastics, hiking, sightseeing, and team dinners. Here's the recap of our recent trip out west:

We took a 4 hour flight from Philadelphia to Denver. As soon as we got off the plane, we picked up our rental car and drove straight to the Garden of the Gods (pictured above and below). This was the perfect place to get our bodies moving after the long morning of travel.

The Garden of the Gods was once an inland sea, a field of sand dunes, home to the dinosaurs to roam, and a campsite for Native Americans. People have been visiting this sight for thousands of years, and last week it was our turn. We went on an invigorating hike and drive throughout the park to see as much as we could see with the time we had. The sight of rock formations and mountains did not disappoint.

The main focus of the weekend was geared towards the USAG Collegiate Nationals at the Air Force Academy. This campus impressed all of us because of the unique structures, how spacious it is, and how the campus is surrounded by mountains. The clear hot spot was the chapel, pictured below.

The gymnastics competition was a high performing and exciting atmosphere. Nine teams competed at the event- Air Force Academy, William & Mary, Navy, Springfield College, Arizona State University, University of Washington, SoCal United, NorCal United and of course, Temple University. Joe Fernandes finished up his career with his best floor set of the season.

Sophomore Evan Salters performed a smooth and clean rings set on day 1, stuck his landing and qualified for the rings finals (that makes 26 sticks for the team this season). Evan did us proud on day 2 and placed 8th among all competitors. USAG and the US Air Force Academy hosted an efficient and well-run competition. Thank you to the organizing committee for running such a successful event.

We capped off the trip by attempting to visit the USOTC. Due to the fact that it was Easter, we were only allowed to see the outside. All-in-all it was a trip to remember and we would all like to return again soon. This concludes our 2018 competitive season. Thank you to all who have supported us and donated to us. Now we can start planning for next year!

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