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Critical Win for Temple at Home

TU outscores the NY Alliance at home

  • Scored season high of 292.80

  • Direct qualification for the team to USAG Collegiate Nationals

McGonigle Hall, Temple University- On Saturday evening, March 3rd, five members of the men's gymnastics team rallied together in the final meet of the regular season. The team consisted of Joe Fernandes, Jackson Heitland, Evan Salters, Toby Warren, and Nicolino DiBattista. Temple needed to post a 275.00 or better to qualify for the USAG Collegiate Nationals- prior to this the Owl's top score was in the 250 range. Obtaining 275 was going to be a monumental task due to some injuries and a smaller squad. A bad ankle prevented Nicolino from performing on floor and vault as well as having to remove a few dismounts on the other apparatuses. Leading up to this event, some members took it upon themselves to put together new routines on events they have not competed in several years to ensure the best possible team score. This was a make or break competition and the team had one final chance to achieve the score necessary to keep the season alive.

The Owls began on the floor exercise and fielded a full lineup of five gymnasts, alternating with the NY Alliance. The crowd was happy and excited see Toby Warren's explosive double layout- his signature move.

There was strong support throughout the meet from the Temple alumni (many of whom are now coaches), the junior gymnasts that competed in the Philadelphia Boys' Invitational, and the family members that came to watch.

Temple had it's best pommel performance of the season with 4/5 hits. The team continued the flow from event to event, sticking and executing well. Going into the last event the team had a 257.10. Temple sent out Nicolino DiBattista, Toby Warren, and Joe Fernandes to seal the deal. All three members hit their sets and the final team score posted was a 292.80. Each and every routine that was constructed behind the scenes to be competed on competition day was necessary to achieve the goal. Overall, the Owl's hit 19/24 routines and stuck 6 dismounts. These 5 members have kept the season alive for Temple and will advance on to post season. The USAG Collegiate nationals will be at the Air Force Academy in Colorado on March 30th-31st. Go Owls!

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