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Navy 2018

Annapolis, MD: The men just finished up their back-to-back weekends at the U.S. Naval Academy. We had five competitors represent TU on Saturday (Jan 27th); all of which are showing to be true team players. They have made the decision to train all-around rather than specialize to ensure Temple has as many scores as possible.

Evan Salters performed his best rings routine to date and sealed the deal with a stuck landing. His feet did not budge after his handspring pike vault too. [click here to join our stick campaign]

Salters was on his way to his finest parallel bars set, however he overcooked the double tuck dismount. Luckily we have three more meets this season.

Both Jackson Heitland and Joe Fernandes improved their execution on floor from the previous competition and put up scores on pommel horse and vault for the team. Toby Warren competed in the all-around and ranked 3rd. He has been a tremendous asset to our team; especially because he had no intentions of competing on the elite squad until a month ago. Nicolino DiBattista doubled up this weekend by competing in the Brian Babcock Invitational in Allentown, PA on Friday night and then traveled to Annapolis on Saturday morning to join his Temple teammates to compete another round of six events. It is an honor to continue competing against NCAA teams as they welcome us into their venues and support our rebirth. Thank you to Kip Simons and Craig Holt for hosting a well run tri-meet.

The Owls have a few weekends off and then will travel to Springfield College for a tri-meet along with the University of Illinois-Chicago on Sunday, February 18th.

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