West Point 2018

DiBattista ranked 7th AA

  • 15/19 hit sets from Temple

  • Intense competition and good exposure!

This weekend marked the 27th annual West Point Open at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York. Six college teams were fielded and competed simultaneously, electrifying the whole arena. Sophomores Jackson Heitland and Evan Salters led by example to our newcomers Toby Warren (So.) and Nicolino DiBattista (Fr.), each of whom competed in a calm and focused manner.

Temple began the competition on vault and immediately drilled out 4/4 hits. DiBattista perfomed a beautiful vault with 9.55 execution (3rd best execution among all teams). The top parallel bars performance was from our anchor, Evan Salters. He is continuously proving to be a consistent and reliable member of the line up.

Toby Warren performed a pivotal floor routine as he competed his double layout for the first time and proved he has it what it takes to compete alongside the NCAA teams. Pommel horse was another highlight as the men hit 3/3, with no falls. It's always a good day in the office when the men abide the first rule of pommel horse: Stay on!