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Intrasquad 2017

TUMG Intrasquad- this is the preparation event which typically reveals who has been working the hardest and/or smartest during both the off season and preseason. I remember being more nervous for this competition than the college meets during season. We were fortunate to have some alumni, family, and friends make their appearance to support our competitors.

This is a noticeably different year for our team members as we begin to rebuild and re-establish ourselves. Gymnasts that were previously training two events are now stepping it up and training all six. This is the kind of sacrifice any team leader wants to see. We also welcome newcomer Nicolino DiBattista as he has joined the squad this year to compete with us.

The intrasquad competition began on vault and we had our intern, Sam Klein, apprentice judge alongside Fred and myself. Each competitor from Friday now has the feedback they need to improve themselves for competition season. The cleanest and highest scoring routine of the day goes to Joe Fernandes on floor:

Jackson Heitland (4/6 hit sets) edged out Evan Salters (hit 6/6) for the AA win. It was exciting for me to see few members prove to be fit enough to complete their pommel routines without gassing out for the dismount. That is often a struggle at this time of year.

Overall, we had a nice, simple and safe in-house competition and are looking forward to 2018. Temple students will be taking their finals these next couple weeks and we will train during winter break to prepare for the West Point Open on January 12th and 13th. Our schedule can be found here-

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