Potentials Waiting to Achieve

- Nearly 16,000 male gymnasts in USAG program

- Over 1,000 Level 10s in USA

- About 300 male collegiate gymnasts participate in the NCAA

Having over 1,000 Level 10s competing for spots on the 16 remaining teams means that many will be left without the opportunity each year. However, this is where teams like ours come into play.

In April 2017, I attended the Region 7 Championships and JO National Championships in an effort to meet the various high schoolers

interested in college gymnastics and to start recruiting for Temple to grow the program again. I came across many gymnasts that felt that they were not good enough for a college team. But in actuality, they are. Little do those gymnasts know how quickly they can improve when in the college team environment. Not only that, but men peak in their 20s and our program has plenty of roster spots available!

As a former gymnast myself, I experienced the route of mediocre gymnastics