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Class is back in session, the men are training in Pearson 143 again and we have gotten straight down to business. Our first week of training included a functional movement screening to identify any initial signs of potential injuries, strength and flexibility testing to determine our weak areas, and 6 am strength training in the weight room.


We are fortunate to have the services from the Novacare athletic trainers at Temple to help take care of our gymnasts. They devised a key set of tests for our team members- ranging from grip strength and wrist range of motion to squat technique and overhead shoulder mobility. With the recorded results, the trainers will put together an individualized plan to help reduce and eliminate current and potential injuries.

Physical abilities

Fred and I measured each member's strength and flexibility level to identify any areas that are lacking in their physical abilities. With this information we can strengthen their weaknesses, and thus, perform better.

Co-captains Joe Luca and Demetris Zambas were eager to set the standard and decided to get the team together a week earlier than planned to start morning training. The men have started a new weight training plan in which I recruited two highly qualified individuals to help me- TUMG alumnus Derek Shepard, and former W&M gymnast and current Power Monkey Fitness expert, Rupert Egan. Derek was the strength and conditioning coach at Springfield College for the gymnastics team during his graduate program, performed in Cirque for a couple years, and is now currently living in Sacramento working as a personal trainer and gymnastics coach. Rupert has a prime background of gymnastics as well as research science in strength and conditioning and he holds clinics nationwide for the CrossFit and Power Monkey Fitness communities. Thank you to these two veterans for supplying such a high level input to aid our men.

We have far to go in this campaign but it sure makes me happy to see that our gymnasts are starting to receive the help and support they deserve. Thanks to all for your love and support.

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